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Have you ever felt dissatisfied by a vacation, or felt there was more you could have gotten out of it? Do you despair at the ephemeral nature of it? Are you disgusted by the inefficiency of it, how it cannot be reused or repurposed? These are 100% universal feelings. If you answered no to any of those questions it’s because you do feel that way but just don’t know it yet. I’m Cathy Strenton, and I’ve found the answer. Why not take that worn out, finished, trashed vacation and… resell it?! You might say “Well Cathy, that is a pretty radical idea, how do I resell something abstract like a vacation?” Not to worry, sirrah, I have found the solution. I employ a team of vacation salvage experts, who will go through your vacation photo albums, your home videos, your ticket stubs, the leftovers from the meals you ate, the courtesy hand soap from the hotels, and so on. They will then assemble these remnants from the vacation into a package that can be resold to the highest bidder. In this way, the purchaser can re-experience your vacation, and more value can be gleaned from it. It’s is a sustainable solution to the problem of vacation waste. I believe that renewable vacations will represent a major paradigm shift in the travel world. Now is your chance to get on board! Take a look around our lushly furnished virtual blog parlor and drink in the heady fumes of innovation belching forth from every acrid crevice.


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