5 Mobility Scooters You Should Consider Buying – Health Advice Now

We’ll show you the most popular mobility scooters on the market, as well as why we suggest these.
Vive 4-Wheel

If you are looking to utilize this Vive 4 Wheel indoors, it’s the right choice. The Vive 4-Wheel can reach a maximum speed range that is 3.7 miles.

Pride Travel Pro

If you’re looking for a durable and easy-to-maneuver mobility scooter that is capable of operating in areas outdoors, the Pride Travel Pro is your best option.

Drive Medical Phoenix

The mobility scooter can be the perfect option for those people who weigh more than 300 pounds and need the most reliable model that is able to satisfy all of their needs.


The Buzzaround is the most popular mobility scooter for any outdoor enthusiast, as it has large wheels that can deal diverse terrain easily.

Metro Mobility USA Patriot

Metro mobility USA Patriot is a scooter to help you move around. It can be maneuvered through small spaces, and is comfortable on any surface.

Below are the best mobility scooters that we would recommend. Take a look at our video to get more details.


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