5 Questions to Ask About a Short Term Rental Unit

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Short term rentals can be an affordable and comfortable alternative to hotels when it comes to moving or staying in a city for only a short time. But because they can be rented for so many uses, these apartments may offer slightly different amenities. Here are some questions you should ask to make sure you’re renting the perfect space for your purposes:

  1. Is There Entertaining Space?

    One of the biggest advantages of going through corporate housing companies for business trips, rather than hotels, is that it allows a better space to work. But if your work involves schmoozing with colleagues or potential clients, it can be extremely helpful to have a comfortable entertaining area included in the rental space. Quite a bit of luxury corporate housing offers amenities such as swimming pools, hot tubs and athletic facilities — and inviting someone back inside for a drink and a closer look at the paperwork after a tennis match or round of golf may be the best way to make a new business connection.

  2. Are Pets Allowed?

    People use short term rentals for everything from executive corporate housing on business trips to scouting trips before a move to old-fashioned family vacations. In some of those situations, you’d want the whole family along, furry members included. Many furnished rentals allow pets, but not all. But by looking a little in advance, you’ll almost certainly be able to find one that does.

  3. Is it Fully Stocked?

    Some fully furnished apartments aren’t fully stocked. That means that although there will be a bed and a couch, there might not be linens for the bed or cooking utensils and tableware in the kitchen. If you’re only looking for short term rentals, it’s probably far more convenient to have everything fully stocked — either because you’ll be leaving town soon or because you want to keep everything neatly packed away until you’re in a permanent living space. So just double-check before you sign any contracts.

  4. What’s Within Walking Distance?

    Getting around an unfamiliar city can be quite stressful, so it’s always useful to know what’s within easy reach. Ask about nightlife (which might be a pro or con, depending on what kind of trip you’re taking), eateries, entertainment and tourist sites.

  5. What’s the Parking and Driving Situation?

    Often, corporate short term housing is located in the heart of a city, near business and financial districts. But that can sometimes mean parking is at a premium. Make sure you know before you arrive if you’ll have a place to park a car. If parking isn’t included, it may be more affordable to take cabs and public transportation, or to hire a car service for the short time you’ll be in town.

How else can people make sure they’re finding the right kind of short term housing for them? Add your suggestions in the comments.


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