Are Damon Braces the Right Option for Me? Toothbrush History

You’re able to choose from a variety of choices. There are numerous braces which are currently being tested by orthodontists. Damon braces are increasingly becoming the most popular choice when it comes with traditional braces. They fix the wire inside the bracket differently than the traditional metal braces. These braces are ideal if you have teeth that crowd your mouth It could be the best choice for you because the orthodontist will not be required to pull the teeth of your mouth to make them to fit.

Damon braces provide patients with the appearance of a natural smile. Damon braces utilize lesser force to move your teeth. If you’re worried about discomfort or pain, Damon braces might be the best alternative.

In this video, you can learn even more about the difference between Damon braces as well as traditional braces. When you are researching, ensure to consult your dentist on which brace they recommend.


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