Are You a Recreational Pilot? You May Consider Joining a Flying Club

Flight clubs

About 95% of people in the world have never flown in an airplane. Whether you are experienced in the world of “aviation” (a term that was created in 1873 by Gabriel La Landelle, a Frenchman who was a naval officer and writer) or you are interested in learning more about becoming a certified pilot, you may want to consider joining an aviation and travel training group.

These kinds of flight clubs, like the San Diego flying clubs, allow pilots to use rental aircraft to make trips and get to know other pilots in the process. In order to be a recreational pilot, you have to be certified. Once certified, there are certain stipulations that exist in America.

For example, recreational pilots are not allowed to fly a plane that has greater than 180 horsepower. When it is day, the pilot is allowed to fly a plane with four seats in it. If someone is registered as a sport pilot, it means that she or he can fly a plane that is classified as a sport aircraft. Not a heavy plane, it is specifically designed for recreational use.

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