Are You Suffering From a Car Accident? – United States Laws

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An accident can cause stress and anxiety. It’s important to understand what kind of back injury one should be expecting following the accident. Dislocation, compression, and torsion are the most frequent spinal injuries.

In most cases, a compression injury occurs when a collision is high-impact. It can cause the build-up of blood, and also inflammation around the spine. This can cause damage to the motor functions of your limbs and mobility for an extended period of duration.

Injuries to the torso can result from rear- and side-impact collisions. The vertebrae can be broken at the back. Long-term consequences from this kind of injury can be at time life-altering.

Back injuries caused by dislocation can be due to extreme accident. Extreme accidents can cause serious injuries and could lead to paralysis.

This type of injury usually requires surgery or external stabilization. It’s best to find a good back injury attorney to make sure you’re compensated to cover the damage caused after an automobile accident.


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