Common Types of Heat Detection Systems – Renan

There are a variety of heat detection equipment.

Most homeowners are familiar with heating detection devices in their security system for home fires. For more accurate detection, modern heat detectors employ microphones and infrared cameras. Heating elements emit distinct light patterns through the IR spectrum which sensors pick up.

Systems for detecting heat can make use of either audible or visible sensors that detect the presence of heat inside a building. To be useful for both, heat detectors must to have clear sight. The sensors are usually located in living areas and hallways in order to give the greatest coverage. Infrared radiation is monitored through these sensors. The spectrum used is to calculate the fire’s relative magnitude.

Infrared sensors search for particular patterns of infrared radiation which produces by objects after it has reached its ignition temperature. If an object attains its temperature at the correct temperatures, an alarm sounds. Firefighters are alerted when there’s a fire happening in the proximity of the device’s monitoring.


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