For Your Next Vacation, Why Not Try a Timeshare?

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Have you ever heard of getting vacations for sale? You are probably more familiar with the term timeshare, but when you break it down, that is exactly what a timeshare is. Timeshares, when resold or purchased form a resort, are vacations on sale, and a way for people to annually purchase a length of time on some vacation property.

There are vacations on sale all over the world. In 2001, there were more than 5,000 worldwide, and currently there are more than 1,600 in the United States. Mexico alone has 40 percent of the resorts in the entire world, so if a vacation on the beach is your idea of perfection then you will have plenty of options. Florida is one of the top timeshare destinations, with more than 376 resorts.

The way a timeshare works is that vacationers purchase weeks or points which they can use to rent the room or facility at their selected resort for a certain amount of time during the year. Timeshare owners often have to pay a property tax, utility bills, and annual fees, making timeshare ownership ideal for some people, but not for others. This is where timeshare resales come in.

Vacation resellers are good news for both the stressed out timeshare owner who either cannot afford their timeshare anymore, or does not have the time to vacation, and for the potential vacationer who is looking for an affordable timeshare. When a timeshare is resold, it typically goes for 50 percent of its original price, and sometimes even for less. This makes for an ideal situation for anyone looking to buy a timeshare at a heavy discount. If the vacationer does not want to commit to purchasing a timeshare, some owners are also willing to rent out their timeshare.

A timeshare cannot guarantee you the best family trip you ever had, but it can take care of that one all important piece of your vacation puzzle, the location. Some timeshares limit you to one resort, and others give you the option of multiple resorts across the country, so there are plenty of options when it comes to selecting your ideal vacation spot. The American Resort Development Association reports that 83 percent of timeshare owners are satisfied with their purchase. Will your next vacation be on sale?

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