From Boat Dock Ladders to Power Pedestals, Here’s the Safety Gear Your Dock Needs

Dock floats

No matter which kind of personal watercraft platform you have, whether it’s a wooden dock or floating dock, you need equipment to keep you and your boating passengers safe. Accidents are easier to happen than you’d think, so safety while boating or near the water is of the utmost importance. What sorts of supplies does your boat need? Here are some examples of different types of safety gear for boats and docks.

    1. Boat dock ladders: Having the proper type of boat dock ladders near your watercraft ensures that you and your passengers can get in and out of the boat properly. Boat dock ladders are also necessary in case you and your passengers have to evacuate a boat quickly.

    2. Dock boxes: Dock boxes are used to hold supplies while on board a watercraft. A good dock box will be made from a durable substance, such as fiberglass, and may contain seating on top. These boxes provide the perfect way to store emergency equipment, like first aid kits and other supplies.

    3. Floating docks: Wooden docks can difficult to maintain because they are prone to rotting, so many dock owners replace them with floating docks. Floating docks are typically made from metals and use styrofoam dock floats to keep them above water. To ensure that these docks stay in good working order, it’s important to use the correct dock floats and anchors, in addition to the other dock hardware required for their construction.

    4. Power pedestals: These pedestals are lights that are needed to illuminate a dock in the dark. Power pedestals can be wired into the dock, as well, so they provide light at all times or run on a timer. They are necessary for keeping people safe as they enter and exit a boat.

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