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The Zanzibar archipelago, just off the coast of Tanzania, is home to some of the most beautiful sites in all of Africa, if not the entire world. Whereas the Tanzania of 30 years ago was one ravaged by war, these days you’re more likely to see hard-bodies walking along the region’s gorgeous Indian Ocean coastline than violence of any kind.

Playing host to nearly 200,000 visitors every year, according to the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism, Zanzibari culture is well known across Africa as one of the most hospitable on the continent. Luxury resorts, staffed with employees as skilled in English as they are in their mother language, Swahili, serve to make any trip to this East African paradise convenient and worthwhile. Of course, not everyone is sold on the idea of luxury resorts. Some figure the price is too much for what you get. However, as suggests, luxury resorts remain exceedingly popular for one main reason; location.

30.2% of hotel guests, when surveyed by MarketMetrix, say that location is the most important factor in deciding on vacation resorts. On the other hand, only 15.7% and 11.9%, respectively, say that price or past experience has anything to do with their choice. The fact is choosing luxury resorts, most often close to popular attractions, means that you cut down on transportation costs and the time you spend getting from point A to point B. This is especially true in Zanzibar.

Popular Attractions Easily Accessed with Luxury Resorts

  • Uroa Bay Beach
  • Zanzibar is home to a wide variety of beautiful, well-kept beaches. Uroa Bay Beach, no more than 8 kilometers from the city center, according to Google Maps, is consistently one of the best ranked beaches in the world. In fact, TripAdvisor rates Uroa Bay Beach, home to some of the best beach resorts around, as the number 10 best thing to see in the archipelago.

  • Zanzibar’s Historical Museums
  • According to Zanzibar, Its History and Its People, Zanzibar has cultural roots as far back as 2500 BCE. As the culture moved forward through a succession of Persian, Arab, and Portuguese rulers, it gained traits and historical markers from all of its masters. The region finally gained independence from its last overlord, the British, in 1963, but important relics from all periods of its history can be found in exciting museums, like the Zanzibar National Museum of History and Culture.

  • Tour the Beautiful Landscape
  • Being surrounded on all sides by the bubbling, warm waters of the Indian Ocean certainly has its benefits, beyond the 80 degree Fahrenheit average temperature the archipelago maintains, according to Expert Africa. From the areas well-known luxury resorts, it’s just a brief walk to take the many ecological and cultural tours offered. Want to see Stone Town, the hometown of Queen’s Freddie Mercury? With Zanzibari tours you can do exactly that. Many of the area’s exclusive resorts offer deals on these types of attractions.

Zanzibar has a lot to offer travelers through its museums, natural wonders, and cultural curiosities. However, to enjoy those fully, you need holiday resorts that can grant you easy access. With Zanzibari luxury resorts, you get that and so much more. For more, read this link.

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