Guide to Following a Home Detox Program – Gerald Parks Memorial Foundation

h difficult withdrawal symptoms during alcohol detox. However, detoxing at in your own home is feasible with a comprehensive home detox program. In the YouTube video, some patients are successful from the comfort of their own home. You don’t need to go to a hospital to detoxify if you have the right support.

Important to remember that detoxing in your own home doesn’t make you completely self-sufficient. A person following a home detox program will still need to maintain regular contact with the health provider. A patient could receive medication to help reduce withdrawal symptoms.

It is essential to detox at home , if you opt to go through with it. Below are some things are important to take into account:

1. Take away alcohol from your home to prevent tempting situations.

2. It is possible to simplify your lifestyle while focusing on healing.

3. Support: If withdrawal symptoms are serious, it’s ideal to seek out someone who can trust with your recovery.

The detox treatment is the initial step toward recovery of alcohol dependence. A typical home detox will be between 4 and 11 days. Though some might try to deter you from participating in such a program but it’s a healthy way to get rid of alcohol.


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