How a Dentist Fills a Cavity – Kenya Society of Physiotherapists

This is the issue. This video will show you the steps to fill in cavities step-by-step.

After you have sat down on the couch, the dentist’s assistant can check the pressure of your blood and inject an anesthetic. The dentist then applies local anesthetics to the tissue surrounding. They pay attention to making sure you do not suffer any pain when filling your tooth.

The dentist will clean your mouth clean with a rinse, and dental professionals will begin do the work. A dentist will use a drill or laser to remove the teeth that are decayed. In order to ensure that affected areas are cleaned out, the dentist may use a slow drill.

To ensure that there’s no more damage to the tooth In order to ensure that there is no further damage, the dentist uses the cavity-detection solution to confirm their efforts. The dentist can then etch the tooth’s surface to remove the remaining decay.

After that, the dentist will place a filling made of composite. An adhesive will be applied, followed by a bright lighting will help to bond everything. Then, you can add the resin in order to look as if it’s a real tooth.

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