How Can You Find a Good Deal on Vacation Places? Three Tips

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Did you know that only 57% of working Americans take all the time off that they’re entitled to? If you’re feeling stressed out, it’s probably about time for a vacation. One of the hassles that comes with traveling, though, is finding a place to stay. Hotel rooms are often overpriced and short on space and amenities, especially if you’re traveling with children. Here are three tips for finding places to stay that cost less money, and give you more space to stretch out.

1. Vacation Ownership Sales

Many people are familiar with timeshares. In fact, there are over 7 million timeshares owned in the U.S. Timeshares offer more options than typical rentals, while also keeping prices and responsibility low. People with shares will typically receive one to two weeks of stay in a condo, apartment, small house, or resort, every year. These shares can also be exchanged for others so that, if you would rather go skiing this year instead of lying on the beach, you don’t have to lose out on the value of your stay.

2. House Exchanges

Want to travel internationally and stay in a nice house rather than generic rooms? Consider house exchanges. These allow you to not only travel the globe, but spend almost no money on rent in the process. This not only allows you to stay in less touristy areas, but gives you access to places, for free, that you would otherwise not be able to afford. Unlike vacation ownership sales, however, an essential component of this system involves allowing others to stay in your home, which not everyone might feel comfortable with.

3. Be Wary of Timeshare Resales

Whether you are buying or selling, one thing to be wary of is scam artists. ABC News detailed the story of Robert Burk, who wanted to sell a Lake Tahoe timeshare after becoming unemployed, and paid vacation resellers $2,500 to list it on their website. Though they always picked up the phone when he called, they never sold it for him, and he ended up losing his money. In 2010, 184 individuals were facing criminal prosecution for fraud. Burk has been emmployed and is no longer trying to sell, but says he still gets unsolicited calls from “travel resellers.” Our tips? Make sure any company you work with is licensed, has positive feedback from other buyers, and has the paperwork to back their sales.

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