How Local Scaffolding Companies Price a Job – The Buy Me Blog

The majority of them will utilize a program called “Price a Job”, or something similar that calculates their estimates. To ensure they’re not either under- or overcharging for their time and materials.

This software allows the contractor to pick the scaffolding type that they would like such as stationary towers or portable ones. Price will also be dependent on this. After that, the contractor will enter other specifications such as height and the amount of lifts they’ll require, and then Price the job will generate an estimate.

These factors can vary depending on the type of project you’re doing. A single-story house will only require one lift. While an two-story building will require two. The program will also add an upcharge if it is required for a longer period of weeks. Many companies will charge an extra percentage if scaffolding is needed for longer than eight weeks. However, this figure could vary.

Once you have a better understanding about how scaffolding companies price their services, you’ll be able to better identify who is giving you the most value, and who’s not.


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