How to Fold Up a Personal Micropak Enclosure – Summer Travel Tips

enclosures that protect private clothing, shoes bags, and other items from mold and mildew. As these objects were produced in climates that were warmer and with higher humidity, they are highly susceptible to mildew and mold. It is also likely that these items contain various components and adhesives that can be excellent sources of food for mold.

Every requirement regarding food temperatures, humidity and temperature is met. Following production, the item will typically spend a long duration in containers for shipping, and the relative humidity can increase and then decrease, providing the ideal place to grow.

It is common to find mold on bags, shoes and jackets constructed of synthetic substances. With the exception of extremely rare situations these synthetic items will not become moldy, although organic debris in their interior or exterior surfaces can encourage mold growth. The mould develops inside the parts before spreading to the outside.

The spores of mold will multiply and spread wherever there are favorable growth conditions. The molds are an essential part in nature. However, if their spores are present in sufficient numbers it can cause damage to the products and present a health risk to individuals by triggering allergic reactions and respiratory issues.

The video that is shown by Ldailey Photos shows how you can fold your Micropak enclosure or portable change tent at the end of each usage.


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