How to Make the Best Seafood Dish for a Party – eatinoc

Spanish beans, sherry and focaccia bread are the primary ingredients.
Begin with Garlic

Preparing the clams should be the first step. They should be cleaned thoroughly. The better cleaned the clams are is, the better your meal. If you are watching the video, ensure that you are paying attention to the way that garlic is cooked. Salt it lightly before cooking it until it starts to change color. Once the clams have been cooked put the lid on top and the items in the pan on over. Allow the ingredients to steam.

Flavors are what you need

When you are done After that, slice the focaccia bread into pieces and drizzle olive oil over the pieces. Add salt and pepper to the focaccia bread before placing them on the grill. Sprinkle a bit of sherry to the oysters. Add the beans, olive oil, parsley, and shredded lemon to the shells.

Be aware of the time

When you are done eating to complete your meal, watch the video. The most important thing to consider is cooking time. Like Gordon Ramsay says, the quicker cooking clams are, more succulent they’ll be. If they’re cooked for longer than 7 minutes, they will begin to turn into a rubbery substance.


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