How to Save Money Installing Custom Window Shades Yourself (Roller Style!) – Loyalty Driver

They can also be pricey. More details are available within the video. Here are five easy-to follow steps that will assist you in installing custom blinds in a matter of few minutes.
You should measure your windows as well as order window blinds on the internet.
Before you install custom-made window shades take off any curtains or blinds.
Check that all the equipment needed for installation is in the packaging in the box when it arrives. It should consist of brackets, anchors, screws, as well as mounting plates for each side of each window.
For removing the hardware that is on each side of the window and where custom shades need to be fitted, make use of screws or drills.
Put new brackets in place at the uppermost point of each frame, so they’re align with both sides of each window frame (make sure they aren’t sticking out). Get in touch with your local residence for more details! ma29u5u1oj.

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