How to Turn Your Garage Into a Temporary Party Room for Special Events – Dt W News

R Event. Your event will be insured if you are injured due to drinking alcohol during your event.
Make a dance floor

No party is complete without the dance floor! If you’re considering having an entertainment venue or DJ at your gathering, make sure you have a suitable space the performers to play. You could either hire an expensive dance floor, or convert your garage into a dance floor by adding some basic elements. It is also possible to build your own floor in the beginning by measuring the size of the area and covering it with epoxy or plywood. Be sure to add a few lights and speakers to set the tone.

You can also hire an experienced electrician to verify whether the electric in your garage functions properly. An electrician is also able to assist you with any lighting or sound systems you might require to host a party.

Be Sure to Have Plumbing

If you’re thinking of serving refreshments or food for the event, you need to ensure that your garage has water running. Fortunately, many sinks come with a quick-connect hose that makes it easy to hook up to a water source. You can use this hose to fill cups, wash dishes and clean up throughout the night. There is always the option of renting an outdoor sink, or build a beverage cooler for your garage, if it does not contain running water. If you’re wondering how to turn your garage into temporary space to host parties and make it more functional, adding working plumbing is one of the easiest ways to kill two birds in one shot.

Rent Party Furniture

You will need tables and chairs to serve food at your event. These are available for rent from party rental companies or borrowed from family and friends. It is important to plan your event and make your reservations before the time. The option of renting instead of purchasing will save you money in the long run and make sure you will have all the items you require for your celebration.

It is also possible to ask your the family members and friends of friends to help with the set-up and clean up after the party. Asking for help


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