How to Use Rapid-Set Concrete Mixes – Backyard Landscaping Concepts

I have a video that explains the step-by-step method of making a concrete slab with this method.

The mix of concrete can be put in place quickly and lasts for a long time. It’s shrinkage is minimal, and is completed in under an hour. It is tough. It can be used to construct bridges as well as roads. Before you begin your work organizing your work area and equipment can help your project to run smoothly and without a hitch.

Pour water into the mixing device, but do not exceed 4.5 4 quarts per 60-pound bag. Mix until the mixture is even and smooth. Clean your mixing bucket make use of and the equipment between batches. Take out all dirt and concrete. If you are applying it to lower locations, be sure that you are in full depth.

The cement used in the construction of walls needs to be levelled. The mixture can be troweled or floated or smoothed using the help of a brush. Keep the surface wet until it has been a full hour after the concrete has been poured. You should be able to drive on or walk across the concrete surface after one hour!


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