How Will You Celebrate 2014?

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Did you know that, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drunk driving crashes during the holiday season killed 1,091 Americans in 2012? There is a better way. What simple solution provides an alternative to drunk driving, congested parking lots, and guests arriving fashionably late?

Limo and party bus rentals drastically cut down on holiday drunk driving crashes. Party buses transport 15 to 50 guests safely to and from destinations, make parking simple and easy, and ensuring that all guests arrive to events at the very same time. The perks, however, do not stop there. Although party bus exteriors may resemble airport shuttles and charter buses, party bus interiors are far from ordinary. Stepping into party buses is like stepping into a nightclub. Interiors feature fiber optic lighting, hardwood flooring, leather seats, a dance floor, dining booths, surround sound systems, flat-screen televisions, and DVD players. Some party buses, typically buses that accommodate 20 passengers or more, have bathrooms located conveniently on board. Before calling for a quote for your next event, prepare a list of questions. Consider asking:

  • How much is a party bus rental? Party planning, especially holiday and New Year’s Eve party planning, should carefully consider costs and expenses. Party bus rentals prices may depend on a number of different factors, including event dates, times, passenger counts, distance traveled, and amenities included. Some services may offer special discounts for holidays, weekdays, and Sundays.
  • What do buses include? Buses may or may not include beverages, glasses, and snack foods. Don’t forget to ask whether you’ll have to bring other items, such as ice and napkins, on the bus. Keep in mind that non-alcoholic beverages, liquor, and foods may cost more. Some services may also offer time-sensitive promotions and special discounts that include the price of alcohol. Remember, if you serve alcohol, guests under 21 will not be permitted on the bus.

Be responsible and safe this coming holiday. Treat guests to dancing and drinks by renting a party bus to ring in 2014. Read this website for more information.

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