Incredible Guns of the Future – Rad Center

The US spends billions every year for testing and development of guns. In this video, you will witness some of the most modern and futuristic weapons. The guns are not available for purchase. If you’re planning to buy the traditional gun for yourself look for a retailer with gun sales.

Many gunfights take place in hallways of buildings. This is why the Corner Shot was created to tackle this issue. It lets soldiers fire from corners and avoid being hit with gunfire. The forward part of the barrel is rotated to look around the edges. Cameras transmit images to a display near the sight on the gun.

Modern warfare has turned drones into extremely effective. It is the Kalashinikov REX-1 Anti-Drone Gun was designed to fight this. It will block satellite or other signals from 5 kilometers away. Simply point your gun at the desired target, and shoot it. It is not firing any actual rounds and the disrupted drone creates a drone that hovers down to the ground again, so the drone can be caught.


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