Musical Theater Basics Resources for Set and Costume Design – 1776 The Musical

performances could be included in this class. Theatre structures and performances can sometimes be built by using a specific area including procenium, traversing or even arch.

In the past it was believed by famous philosophers , such as Aristotle as being among the primary tools for setting and costume design. Aristotle believed that the components of spectacle were the gestures of actors and scenes along with costumes and visual effects created by vocal resonance.

However, in today’s terms the term “spectacle” refers to the visual elements of the performance, which includes theater’s production and stagecraft areas. It includes stage sets, props, make-up media, and even special effects. The spectacle of a contemporary theatre will likely be more important more than ever due to new technological advances.


One of the main sources in the design of costumes and set is the use of symbols. Utilizing symbols to create dramatic roles is likely to be one of the most basic and one of the most challenging of the techniques. Symbolism conveys a deeper meaning over the literal equivalent. Props are the easiest production elements to use for their symbolic meaning. The symbol of a rose is loveand is a symbol of love. Using a prop is the easiest. The color can also communicate an idea through symbolic symbols. The utilization of symbols is often used to connect the color red and black with danger or bad things. Purple is often linked to royalty.


To design costumes and sets Lighting is an essential for costumes and set design, the lighting environment is an essential. The lighting environment can be utilized to produce exciting shows as well as enhance the experience of the crowd. They are classified according to their use before, after and after performances. Lighting for the theater’s electrical system is also included.


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