The Basics of Revegetation – Blogging Information

Plant succession is the process which involves the plantation of native plants. It can be years, or even many decades for the planting of the trees. These are some helpful tips of revegetation.

While practicing this method, it’s important to wear appropriate protective equipment and learn the methods for putting plants in the ground. A trowel is useful to dig into the ground before planting inside the hole, though you should be mindful not to dig your trowel in too deep. Make sure that you do not place the plant into the ground too deep or too shallow. This happens when you plant the plant in an area that is too shallow ensure that there isn’t any part of the plant growing beyond the ground. For pushing your plant in the ground, you need to use firm pressure. This ensures that there aren’t any air pockets under the root system , which could cause the roots to dry out in time. For protection of newly planted trees, use a tree protector.

Revegetation can be used to rejuvenate the natural area through the continuous growth of trees which creates a natural habitat for wildlife. For more information on succession and natural revegetation take a look at the YouTube video that we’ve linked to in the above.


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