The Best Vacation Destinationsfor Cheaters

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When people think of summer vacations, the first things that come to mind are the best family trips to the beach, camping excursions, or even a visit to a foreign country. What does not usually pop up, is the idea of a cheating spouse heading away with their extra marital partner. But realistically, lots of people who are going on vacations are doing exactly that. This means that some of the best trip planners and travel resellers might, albeit unintentionally, be making it easier for spouses to cheat and contributing to divorce rates.

Lots of individuals might be taken aback by that trend, and think that it does not happen very often. However, a recent poll by showed that at least 50,000 people were planning to go on a vacation with their extra marital lover this summer alone. That number might seem shocking, but it is just a fraction of the amount of people who go on vacation every year. So the majority of individuals who use travel resellers are doing so to just enjoy time with friends or family, but there is a sizable group who is not.

There are lots of popular places where cheaters will look for vacations on sale. The most popular, perhaps not surprising at all, is Las Vegas. The fact that so many extra marital couples travel there certainly helps the Sin City live up to its name. However, there are other common cities, like Miami, which is the second most popular, New York, and the Bahamas. Regardless of whether someone is making these trips with good intentions or not, the best trip advisors might be able to help them enjoy their experience.

Some things never change when people are planning a vacation. Cost and convenience are always important for anyone looking to get away for a bit. This is part of the reason why, according to an article on Gadling, cheaters will only go on trips that are three or four days long. On top of that, they might simply add a day or two onto a business trip to help avoid suspicion. It is highly unlikely that a travel reseller will be able to help someone hide the truth from their spouse, but they will be able to help anyone plan a fun vacation.

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