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According to Forbes Magazine, London was the most visited international city in 2011. During 2012, London placed second only to Bangkok in that same category. The majority of its visitors came from the United States, Germany, and France, but international traveler flock to London from the farthest corners of the globe, and for good reason.

The culture and history at the core of London are among the richest of the last 1000 years. To future civilizations, the intellectual, scientific, and cultural influence of London will be viewed as important to human kind as Rome, Athens, and Mesopotamia. For those who demand proof of this claim, they need to look no further than the rich history, art, and literature that is on display within the many London museums, libraries, and art galleries that are located throughout the city.

When planning a London vacation, it is crucial for travelers to conduct a thorough hotel search that puts them in convenient proximity to the sites they plan to visit. Of course, it is nearly impossible for enthusiastic travelers to limit themselves to one area of this magnificent city, but choosing the best hotels to accommodate their agendas can be the difference between spending more time at each site, and less time commuting between them.

Obviously, if visiting Buckingham Palace or the Tower of London are high on the list of a traveler, it would be wise to book a hotel near those sites. Likewise, if visiting Kings Cross is a priority for certain vacationers, they will be better off booking hotels near Kings Cross Station. Additionally, travelers should also be sure to book the right kind of hotel. Although London hotels are renowned for their cordiality, vacationers should only book budget hotels if saving money is a high priority.

In light of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, and the continued popularity of London among world travelers, around 8000 new London hotel rooms popped up during 2012. Considering all of these new hotels, coupled with the slow period following the 2012 London Olympics, London hotels have become more affordable. While there are many excellent hotel choices for every traveler, it is always best to consult a top hotel search to find the perfect one.

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