The Pros and Cons of Going Camping in Tents With Your Family

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Camping is quickly becoming the most preferred way for families across America to enjoy the outdoors — as well as some quality time with each other. It’s an activity that helps kids learn respect for nature and introduces them to outdoor hobbies and pastimes that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

But before you pack the whole family up to embark on your family camping excursion, you’ll want to decide exactly how you want to go camping. These days, there are countless ways to go camping, from cabins to RV sites to yurts. In many cases, most families want to go the traditional route — camping in a tent. But is it the right choice for you?

Wondering whether or not going camping in tents is right for you and the rest of your family? We’ve put together this list of the biggest pros and cons of tents to help you make your choice:

Pro: You get the traditional family camping experience with tents

Going camping in tents allows your family to become as close to nature as it gets, with just a thin material separating you from the sounds of the natural world that come alive at night. Kids also love the idea of sleeping outdoors in a sleeping bag under the stars. Setting up your tents together can be a bonding experience in itself!

Con: Tents lack modern-day amenities many families depend on

When your family goes camping in a tent, there will likely be no running water or indoor plumbing on-site — and if there is, you may have to walk a ways to get to it. If you don’t remember to bring toilet paper, you might find yourself resorting to leaves! Sleeping on the ground can also be uncomfortable for family members with back problems, and tents offer little protection from the elements.

Pro: With tents, you can go anywhere

Unlike other campsites with cabins, you can take your family camping in tents to virtually any location that allows campers in the country. You can go as far away from civilization as you’d like for a full immersion in nature — or stay as close to your home as you want. The possibilities are endless!

Con: Tents are more difficult to transport

Tents require a fair amount of equipment, which can be tough to pack into one vehicle — especially if the entire family is going camping together. If your family wants a camping experience that’s filled with less hassle, an RV or a cabin might be a better option.

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