The Three Biggest Differences Between Independent Senior Living and Assisted Living

ecision to opt for specific facilities like senior residences. There are two kinds of senior residence homes that are assisted and independent living.

Before opting for a particular kind of senior residence home, it is important for the elderly and their family research reviews of the assisted living industry in general as well as consider what services matter to their needs. Independent living facilities provide the best choice for those who want privacy. The assisted living facilities are ideal for those who need assistance with daily tasks like cooking and bathing.

The elderly living in assisted living homes can receive assistance with medication monitoring, recreation activities, meal preparation, household chores, and laundry. There are many interesting details regarding assisted living homes are:

i.) There are about 28900 assisted living houses in America II. )The average assisted living home includes 33 beds iii. )56 percent of assisted living facilities have chain affiliations vpdn93iytn.

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