The Top Three Benefits of Camping

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Whether you are cabin camping or just laying out under the stars, there are a lot of rustic charms that camping has to offer. Here are three very real benefits of camping that will have you pitching a tent in no time:

1. It Encourages Family Togetherness

When you look at camping objectively, it may be hard to see how it brings people together. A family in Ontario camping for the first time is still spending as much time together as they would if they were all in the living room, after all. For the family in Ontario camping in cabins instead of in front of the TV, however, it actually means there is more quality time, even if there isn’t more time. Getting away from all the distractions of modern life allows families to focus on each other and really get to know each other. It can do a world of good for any family!

2. It is a Learning Experience

There are a lot of skills involved in camping and there is no better teacher than practical, hands on experience. Camping in tents involves picking camp sites, pitching a tent, gathering firewood, starting a fire, and cooking over that fire, all of which are not included in a normal person’s day to day life. Well over three out of five children who go camping bring back those sort of skills and are able to reproduce them later on.

3. It Teaches Lifetime Lessons

One last thing that camping can do really well is to give people a new perspective on nature. Out on the camp grounds, nature is everywhere and that leads to a heightened awareness of it that you just cannot achieve in society. Camping can teach anyone, especially children, a new respect and appreciation for nature that they can take with them for the rest of their lives. What was your favorite camping spot? See this reference for more:

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