The Top Three Fun Camping Facts You Didn’t Know

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Camping is not a complicated concept — in fact, it is an activity that involves avoiding the complicated concepts that suffuse modern society — but there are a lot of things that people don’t know about it. Here are three things you might be interested to know about camping:

1. Camping is Really Popular

In and of itself, it is fairly common knowledge that camping is popular. It is so common an activity that it has become fairly entrenched in the American society as a typical family trip. What is not common knowledge is just how popular it is. Just last year, about forty three million Americans went camping. Is that more or less than you might have thought?

2. It is Only Becoming More Popular

Regardless of whether or not you are surprised at the number of campers last year, a more shocking fact is that, even as popular as camping is, it is becoming even more so. You might expect that camping would be fading in popularity in this age of technology, but three million more people went camping in 2012 than did in 2010. How many will have gone camping by the end of 2014?

3. If You Camp, You Probably Do It a Lot

There are all sorts of campers. There are people who like to drive out to camp sites to go camping in tents, and there are people that prefer cabin camping at camping sites. There are people what like to go on big trips to go family camping in Illinois and those that prefer to avoid camping in Illinois and stay near home. There are even those that prefer people that love to go camping, and there are people that prefer to interact with nature from behind a television screen. Among all those that do camp often, though, people typically go on five camping trips about two hundred miles from home. Most people seem to think that camping is something that should be done away from home. What do you think? Ger more information on this topic here:

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