Three Simple Tips for the Business Owner Looking for Corporate Housing Services

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One of the biggest advantages of globalization, as you well know, is that businesses are no longer limited to their local talent pools when it comes time to recruit new employees. Through the power of the internet, you can connect with the best and brightest minds from around the world and make them a part of your company.

While the advantages of being able to pull talent from anywhere in the world speak for themselves, too few businesses recognize that pulling in people from out of state or out of country comes with a unique challenge. More often than not, a business will need to provide their new hires with long term corporate housing options. After all, especially if you’re hiring from out of the country, chances are your new hires aren’t going to have a home in your area already. Here’s how to choose the best corporate housing services that can help keep your new employees happy and healthy as they settle into their new homes.

Three Criteria The Best Corporate Housing Services Will Meet Without a Problem

  1. Great Location as a Rule
  2. One of the most important things to consider when searching for corporate temporary housing is where the housing is located. As SF Gate details, the best corporate housing services offer rentals in safe areas, meaning your employees won’t have to worry about their safety or their property while they’re adjusting. These same high quality services also make it a point to put your new hires in centralized locations near shopping and social centers. If the service you’re considering doesn’t offer units with this type of premium location, it’s time to find another.

  3. Look for a Service That Allows Pets
  4. Did you know that, according to Web MD, keeping a pet has highly beneficial physical, mental, and emotional health effects? Keeping a dog or cat has been shown to reduce stress and blood pressure levels. This type of companionship increases the amount of seratonin and dopamine our bodies produce; both of these chemicals are linked to relaxation and happiness. Help keep your employees happy after their move by finding an option that will allow them to keep a pet if they so wish.

  5. The Amenities of Home Are a Must
  6. As the online resource on all things moving Move details, the best corporate housing services have the ability to make your employees feel like they’re at home from the minute they walk through the door. They do this by providing a fully stocked kitchen, a comfortable bathroom, and all the other creature comforts of a real home. If the service you’re considering doesn’t offer this, find one that does. It could be the difference between keeping a happy employee and losing an unhappy one.

Did you recently choose a new preferred corporate housing provider? What were the key things you kept an eye out for in your search? Let us know in the comments below. Refernce materials.

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