Watch a Derecho Whip Through a Small Town – Entertainment Videos

Echoes may be one of the most extreme weather phenomenon that one can encounter. They usually occur in conjunction with powerful storms. This results in an ongoing line of wind lasting for minutes for a period of length. Extreme winds can travel at speeds up to 100 miles per hour. These winds can cause serious damage, as shown. There’s no lack of roof repair needed after an intense derecho. The video below will demonstrate how a derecho works.

The footage is set in South Dakota. South Dakota is no stranger to powerful storms. The video begins with the storm chaser documenting a storm on the way. You can see the clouds quickly getting closer. The wind can be heard growl as it gets closer. The winds blow almost horizontally while the debris and rain arrives at the location where the man is parked. As the employees struggle to close the doors while the driver and buddies seek shelter inside the gas station. It was later discovered that this particular derecho had sustained speeds of more than 60 miles an hour as well as top speeds of approximately 100 miles per hour.


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