What Causes Hair Loss in Women? – CEE News

To go through balding faster than women.

There’s no doubt that men go bald faster than women. Nevertheless, women can lose hair in many different ways. Hair loss is caused by hormonal changes in women with age. Hair loss experienced by women can slow the growth of hair.

When hormone levels are high, usually during pregnancy, the body converts DHT (dihydrotestosterone) to estrogen. The glands of the scalp produce greater amounts of sebum. This clogs pores and slows hair growth. The high levels of cortisol could lead to an increase in sebum production that results in the greasy scalp syndrome. The loss of hair early on can result from genetic predisposition.

The loss of hair can be due to other causes. In some cases, the loss of hair in women may be the result of an unrelated medical issue. Thyroid disease or iron deficiency may cause loss of hair. People with stress or mental conditions, like hyperhair loss, could be suffering from excessive hair loss.


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