What Does An Antitrust Lawyer Do? – SCHUMM

We are able to assist you with finding an antitrust attorney.

Legal experts who specialize in the law that was created to safeguard trade and commerce from price-fixing, corporate monopolies and illegal limitations. It is generally understood that antitrust attorneys handle matters. They have a broad range of fields, such as corporate mergers and acquisitions, free trade agreements, pricing fixing suits, and competition issues. The lawyers they work with are usually referred to antitrust attorneys on the US. But they’re also referred to as competition lawyers across the globe such as Australia, South Africa and Europe.

It is essential that antitrust attorneys are knowledgeable of the distinct regulations governing competition within each country. In the US, for instance, they are obliged to comply with the Sherman Act as well as the Clayton Act. Similarly, in the European Union requires lawyers to be familiar with and act according to the Treaty of Rome. Australian lawyers are one example that must be knowledgeable of and abide by the Trade Practices Act.

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