What Every Family Needs to Do Before Embarking on a Camping Trip

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Taking the family for a camping excursion is quickly becoming one of the best ways for families to spend time together without all the modern-day distractions that keep us from communicating with each other on a daily basis. It’s no surprise, then, that 3 million more Americans went on a camping trip in 2012 than they did in 2010.

So if you’ve made the choice to spend your family’s vacation in the great outdoors, you’re not alone in your decision — and it’s completely normal to want your family’s trip to

To make sure your family camping excursion goes as smoothly as possible, here’s a quick guide to the things you and your kids should do before leaving the house:

Test out the camping experience

Before going camping with kids — especially with younger children — it’s a good idea to get them accustomed to the idea of sleeping in the outdoors by trying out a backyard camp-out first. By setting up a tent in your own backyard, you can get your kids accustomed to the feel of sleeping in a tent and reduce any anxiety they may have about spending the night outdoors.

Encourage your kids to pack their own bags

Having your kids pack their own bags can help the process of getting ready to go camping go much more smoothly. By allowing them to pack their favorite toys, books and other items, you can make packing a little more fun for them as well! Camping with kids doesn’t have to mean you’re the one doing all the work.

Create a list of things you’d like to do

There is a huge number of different activities that you and your kids can enjoy on a camping trip, from hiking to fishing to everything in between. Sit down with them before you head out and have everyone contribute to a list of things you’ll do together as a family. Encourage them to try something new — as many as 63% of children who go camping will continue new activities they tried during their trip at home!

Have any other questions for us on making your family summer camping trip the best it can possibly be? Ask us anything about camping with kids in the comments below!

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