What Is Methadone Used For? – How Old Is the Internet


Of it. Keep reading to discover more about methadone’s use.

Methodone can be described as an opioid painkiller. It’s used to treat addiction, and has been an effective treatment that is less costly for four decades.

Methadone takes longer for the body to process than hydrocodone. In fact, it can take as long as three times longer than the oxycontin. The reason for this is that it is popular for alleviating withdrawal symptoms, and for decreasing cravings.

Methadone has a slow effect, but it can be harmful if taken in excess. Your doctor or detox physician must closely watch your dose of methadone. Do not take another type of drug while taking methadone. In the event that you are, you must be honest and upfront with your doctor.

You don’t need to visit an actual doctor in order to obtain a prescription for methadone. A lot of detox physicians offer the telemedicine and telehealth visit, which means you are able to see your doctor at any time.

Check out the video below to find out more about methadone.


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