Why Vehicle Safety Ratings are Misleading – How Old Is the Internet

If you’ve experienced an auto accident which resulted in the totaling of your car, it may only work as auto salvage. What’s more important is thing is that you are secured. Cars have been designed to smash around each other to absorb the force of the collision. This is to protect your personal safety. While vehicles are certainly safer that they were in the past, safety ratings may have a shady meaning. This video will clarify why safety ratings on vehicles could be misleading.

Current testing methods are very precise. To measure the impact of different scenarios they make use of a crash-dummy. As they try different crashes however, the dummies only evaluated using one kind of. This dummy represents the typical masculine adult body. It introduces bias in the testing because more than half of drivers are female. In addition, some Americans have body sizes which are different from the average body size. Actually, Americans are about 80% more likely to be killed during a car accident in the event of an index of body mass greater than 30. To ensure that the test is more accurate, it is suggested that more dummies be created.


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